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03 October 2010 @ 07:02 pm
Fic: Turn My Swag On (4b/4) Rachel/Brittany/Quinn/Santana NC17  
Title: Turn My Swag On (4b/4)
Author: meremortal2k5
Pairing:Rachel/Brittany,Rachel/Santana,Rachel/Quinn, Rachel/Brittany/Santana/Quinn
Rating: NC 17
Length: 14000+ (in total)
Spoilers: All of season1 just to be safe
Summary: Totally AU PWP. Part 4 is a lot longer than I expected it to be, so it’s now going to be split into abc. I also upped the rating, though I probably should’ve done that sooner, and the word count in total.

“Hi.” Brittany smiled lazily from her stretched out position on the bed as Rachel opened her bedroom door and stepped into the room. She pushed herself up onto her knees and moved towards the edge of the bed.

“Hi.” Rachel smiled back at her girlfriend. She walked closer towards her bed, followed by Santana and then Quinn. “I’ve brought guests.” She smirked.

Brittany’s smile only got bigger as she waved over at the other two girls before beckoning the shorter brunette towards her. “Come here.” She breathed.

Rachel licked at her lips, already seeing the hunger in pretty blue eyes.

“You were gone longer than I thought.” Brittany grabbed for Rachel’s vest and tugged her closer.

“I was?” Rachel smirked and arched a fine brow at the two Cheerio’s standing side by side just inside the room. “It seems that those two needed to work a few things out before we continued our evening in the right setting,”

“Hmm.” Brittany hummed. “Everything sorted now?”

Rachel placed a lingering kiss to the blonde’s lips. “Mostly.”

“So, how’s this going to work?” Santana interrupted before things became two heated between the tall blonde and her tiny girlfriend. “We pair up or something?” She flicked her gaze towards a nervous looking Quinn and couldn’t help the scowl that creased her brow.

Rachel locked her eyes with Brittany’s. “What do you want, Brittany?”

Brittany smiled widely. “I really wanted to see Q spank you again, but I know that your ass really isn’t up to that at the moment.” She licked at her lips. Her azure eyes brightened as a dirty thought came to mind.

“Careful, Britt.” Rachel really loved her girlfriend’s imagination, but Quinn wasn’t ready for the hard stuff just yet.

Brittany leaned forward to whisper into Rachel’s ear.

Rachel gasped. She looked over at Quinn with a blush spreading quickly across her cheeks and noticed that Quinn also seemed to be blushing. She hadn’t even heard what Brittany had said but from Rachel’s reaction alone, Quinn probably thought very naughty. “Too soon.” Rachel blew out a long, calming breath.

“Then how about Santana and I watch you two make out for a little while.” Brittany chewed at her lip. “That would be totally hot.” She looked over at Santana. “Wouldn’t it, S? We can watch and then join in.”

Santana nodded. She had always found girl on girl action extremely sexy to watch, and the thought of watching Quinn ‘Head Bitch in Charge’ Fabray coming undone beneath Rachel Berry, would be so hot. “I’m all up for that.”

Brittany smiled over at Quinn. She crooked her finger at the girl in a come hither motion. She knew that amongst the four of them, Quinn was the most innocent when it came to sex and enjoying it. Sure, everyone knew that she had done it with Puck, but that was a one off mistake that the blonde had regretted ever since. Brittany, like Rachel, didn’t want Quinn to regret for a second anything that they did tonight. She wanted Quinn to be comfortable and into it and maybe bring back that freaky side that had caused Rachel difficulty when sitting down.

Quinn moved closer to the bed, nipping and releasing the corner of her lip. She swallowed hard when Brittany reached out for her, running her hands over Quinn’s waist before encouraging her to turn around and sit on the bed.

“Move back a little bit, Quinn.” Rachel waited for the blonde to get comfortable. “Are you okay with this?”

“With what?” Quinn gasped as Rachel lifted her knee onto the comforter besides her thigh and then did the same with her other knee. The small brunette straddled her lap before dipping forward to press her lips against Quinn’s.

Rachel licked at her lips after the short kiss. “With this?” She smirked; amused that Quinn’s mouth had tried to follow hers when she pulled away. She stroked her fingers over the blonde’s cheeks and smiled as hazel eyes fluttered open.

Quinn nodded. “Totally okay.” She returned Rachel’s smile with a dazed one of her own. Even after everything she had done earlier that day, this was the first time that Quinn had kissed Rachel and kissing was not something foreign to Quinn like spanking and the other stuff. She was comfortable with kissing, so Quinn slid her hands around the brunette’s waist and held her lower back, tugging the other girl closer until their lips met again.

“Lower.” Brittany spoke quietly so as not to disturb the two girls. “Move your hands lower, Quinn.” She lifted blue eyes to see her best friend cross the room to sit on the bed besides her. Brittany could clearly see the flush of colour to the Latina’s cheeks and she smiled. Santana had once told her that she would love to watch the bickering duo go at it and Brittany had agreed that they would look hot together. Their fantasies were currently becoming reality as Quinn ran her hands lower, ghosting over the fabric of Rachel’s shorts until she came to the tops of Rachel’s thighs.

Santana moaned lowly. Pale hands were squeezing the tanned skin of Rachel’s long legs, before stroking fingers up and down. She shuffled a little on the comforter until she could rock against the heel of her foot.

Brittany reached out her hand and laced her fingers with her friend’s, her blue eyes never moving from watching her girlfriend kiss the beautiful blonde.

Rachel gasped into Quinn’s mouth as long fingers slipped under her short shorts to cup as much of her behind as possible. She jerked forward against Quinn’s toned stomach. “Fuck.” She groaned, her lips slipping from Quinn’s.

Quinn could feel Rachel bury her face between her neck and shoulder, panting harshly into the crook as Quinn scratched her short nails over pained flesh. “You like that?” She breathed into Rachel’s hair.

Rachel nodded furiously. She continued to rub herself against the blonde’s tummy.

Brittany quickly looked over at Santana. The other girl was grinding against her heel, her dark eyes seemingly trying to burn holes through Rachel’s shorts so that she could watch those fingers beneath. “You wanna see, S?” Brittany didn’t even wait for a reply. She eased her fingers from between Santana’s and moved off of the bed.

Santana really really wanted to see what it was that Quinn Fabray had done; and was currently doing to Rachel’s ass, to have the girl writhe against her like a cat in heat. She swallowed hard as her friend stood behind Rachel and then leaned over the girl to move her dark hair over her shoulder so that she could see Quinn’s face.

Brittany pressed a kiss to Rachel’s shoulder as Rachel jerked her hips at the touch. “Q?” She waited for Quinn’s eyes to open and focus before continuing. “I need you to stop for just a second.”

Quinn blinked, biting hard on her lip.

Rachel whined softly. She didn’t want to stop.”

“Trust me.” Brittany chuckled. “It’ll feel better for both of you, and Santana wants to see you Rachel.”

“She does?” Rachel lifted her eyes. She could feel herself get impossibly wetter at the sight of Santana Lopez so turned on and moving against her foot. She momentarily wondered when the girl had removed her sneakers and socks but shook it off.

Rachel sat up and looked down to see Quinn staring back up at her with eyes darker than she had ever seen them before. She lifted her arms as Brittany’s fingers gathered her vest and pulled it up and over her head. She was now topless in front of the two girls who had called her manly names for years now.

“Holy crap, Berry. Where the hell have you been hiding those?” Santana chewed at her lip and blinked. She watched as Brittany’s hands came around Rachel’s body to palm her perfect breasts. They weren’t very big, but Santana could see how the brunette’s breasts were a little too large for the blonde’s hands, not by much, and she wondered how they would fit in her own hands.

“Rachel’s got really nice boobs.” Brittany grinned over at her best friend. She squeezed a little before letting her thumbs brush against hard nipples.

Rachel gasped at the touch. She pushed down on the girl beneath her and rotated her hips.

“Fuck.” Quinn groaned. Rachel was now sitting a little further back and every time that she rubbed against her crotch, Quinn could feel herself clench.

Brittany moved her hands lower, ghosting across the taught skin of Rachel’s abdomen, flicking across her belly button and lower, into her shorts. She shuddered against Rachel’s back as she felt how wet the other girl was. The blonde dragged her long fingers from between her girlfriend’s legs, leaving a shiny trail of wetness against the lower part of Rachel’s stomach that had both Quinn and Santana licking their lips. “These have to go too, Rache.” Brittany breathed into Rachel’s ear.

Rachel nodded and lifted herself so that Brittany could pull the shorts off of her, one leg at a time. “Don’t go.” She quickly grabbed for Brittany as the tall blonde was about to climb back onto the bed next to Santana. She pulled Brittany’s hands back around her and placed them on her breasts. Rachel then tugged at Quinn until she was sitting up. “Touch me, Quinn.” She quickly glanced over at the Latina, who was sliding her fingers underneath her spankies, and then back to Quinn.

Quinn leaned forward and captured Rachel’s full lips with her own. She ran her hands along the smaller girl’s thighs until she was once again squeezing and scratching her nails over Rachel’s sore ass.

Santana could see just how inflamed Rachel’s ass was, but the smaller girl seemed to be really getting off on the pain. She watched as Brittany kissed and sucked at the back of Rachel’s neck and shoulders as she massaged and tweaked the girl’s breasts. Santana saw how Rachel continued to rub herself against Quinn’s stomach. She darted forward, not stopping her fingers from moving inside of her, and lifted the Cheerio’s vest up so that Rachel could feel Quinn’s fantastic abs against her pussy.

Quinn gasped as her tummy met the wet swollen flesh of Rachel’s core, but she didn’t stop from kissing the girl as deeply as possible. She tried to lift her hips so that she could get a little relief herself, but had to make do with squeezing her thighs together.

“Rachel,” Quinn panted against the brunette’s lips. “I … want … to touch.”

“Fuck.” Rachel moaned. Quinn’s hands had now moved from her behind, to squeeze at the crease at the tops of her thighs where her legs met her ass. All she would have to do was reach a little between her legs and Quinn would be inside of her. “Do it.”

Santana’s hand was a blur beneath her spanks. She had never seen anything so hot as the three girls next to her. She was so sticky between her legs, too wet to find the pressure she needed. Santana groaned her frustration.

“Top drawer.” Blue eyes met dark and Brittany smiled knowingly. “The blue one, S.”

The Latina removed her hand from her underwear and held out her fingers to her best friend.

Brittany released a boob and grabbed roughly for Santana’s hand. She brought the drenched fingers to her lips and sucked them off. She sucked and swallowed and licked until all traces of cream were gone, and then she let Santana’s fingers slip from her mouth.

Santana swallowed hard. Bouncing the bed a little as she moved higher up, she reached the bedside chest of drawers. She pulled open the top drawer, her dark eyes widening at what she was seeing, but a soft moan from behind her made her focus on the task at hand. She pulled out the blue vibrator and the packet of hygiene wipes.

Santana quickly cleaned the toy and dropped it to the bed before lifting her ass to remove her spankies.

“I … keep those clean.” Rachel shuddered against the girls sandwiching her as she watched Santana. Quinn’s fingers were inside of her, but Rachel had been distracted when Brittany had mentioned top drawer. She ground herself onto long fingers, encouraging the girl beneath her to stop exploring and start fucking.

“Sorry.” Santana mumbled as she positioned herself closer to the trio. She sat on her knees and opened her legs. Her dark eyes locking with Rachel’s heated gaze as the brunette reached out to touch her knee.

“No …” Rachel arched her back. Brittany was still sucking on her neck and playing with her breasts as Quinn nibbled at her collar bone and fingered her from behind. “It’s nice … that you’re … versed on sex … toy proprieties.”

Santana rolled her eyes at the short brunette. She was amazed that the girl could think straight at the moment, let alone discuss hygiene and sex toys. She had barely even thought about much more than getting the vibrator between her legs.

“I have … condoms too, if … you prefer.” Rachel yelped as Quinn bit her.

“Stop talking, Rachel.” Quinn licked at the bite mark before smirking up at the brunette.

Santana chuckled softly and shook her head. “This is fine, Berry.” She waved the blue toy before looking at the twisty end. “Nice.” She smirked when she realised that she could control the speed. “You gonna watch?” Santana opened her knees wider and pulled up her Cheerio’s skirt, tucking it in so that it didn’t obstruct her in any way.

Rachel, Quinn and Brittany all turned their faces to Santana. Three pairs of eyes dropping to the other girl’s glistening core as Santana parted the puffy outer lips and rubbed the toy back and forth between them. She jerked as she moved the blue silicon around her clit; she hadn’t even switched the toy on yet.

“Don’t stop, Quinn.” Rachel whined when Quinn stopped thrusting her fingers so that she could watch the Latina pleasure herself. She leaned her head to rest against Rachel’s sternum and picked up speed with her fingers. She was fucking Rachel Berry and watching Santana and she really needed to have someone inside of her.

Brittany grinned, her lips trailing across her girlfriend’s shoulder as her eyes moved between her best friend and the blonde beneath Rachel. “Rache?”

Rachel turned her head as far as she could so that she could kiss Brittany, her fingers tangling in Quinn’s hair. The kiss was sloppy and Rachel fought to breathe through it all. She was in sensory overload and loving every single minute, but the brunette finally realised that Brittany had said her name. “Yeah?”

Brittany enjoyed the brief kiss she shared with Rachel. She pinched the girl’s nipples sharply and heard her gasp in pleasure.

Quinn’s hips jerked at Rachel’s breathy exclamation. She ached so badly to be filled.

Brittany smirked, feeling the blonde’s thrust through the movement of her girlfriend. “Do you still think it’s too soon for Quinn if we break out the strap-on?”


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meremortal2k5meremortal2k5 on October 3rd, 2010 09:43 pm (UTC)
thank you. I'm so glad that you enjoyed
kiarcheokiarcheo on October 3rd, 2010 09:21 pm (UTC)


my brain is mush right now

*goes back to read it again*
meremortal2k5meremortal2k5 on October 3rd, 2010 09:44 pm (UTC)
it amuses me that you have to reread it lol - thank you
I wanna be the right when it's wrongnork_ftw on October 8th, 2010 04:44 am (UTC)


off to read the next part.