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i'll stand by your side-faberrittana

a community for the ot4

I'll Stand By Your Side-A Faberittana Community
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Welcome to I'll Stand By Your Side- A Faberrittana Community!
This is a community dedicated to the OT4 of Quinn, Rachel, Brittany and
Santana.If you are a fan, feel free to join and be a part of a fanbase
for this OT4. This community will have plenty of contests, activties and
fun things going on constantly, so join or watch if you want to take a
part in it.

The rules are pretty basic.
- Rules for posting fic.
- No more than four (4) icons should be outside of an LJ cut. One preview image of any sort of larger image etc should be posted outside of a cut. Please remember that graphics stretch out friends pages and are hellish for dial-up or slower connections.
- Please, please do not hard-code the colour/font/size of your fic. It messes up the community layout, friends list and - most of all - puts off potential readers.
- Each user may advertise any related communities, but please do not spam the community.

If, at anytime, a mod thinks you have posted anything closely resembling spam, expect a pm.



Moderators: agoodinsane, grdnofevrythng and eskiimox3kiiss
community & profile header: grdnofevrythng
community and profile layout: refuted